CARTES D’ÉCHANGE / TRADING CARDS : archive, digital print/impression numérique


Here is a collection of 66 trading cards I created using imagery from the Artéfacts d’un printemps québécois Archive. The archive stored digital imagery as protest artifacts from Québec’s 6-month student strike in 2012. The cards’ role is to nourish an affective link between traders who participated in the strike to encourage discussions around oppositional cultural heritage. The Printemps Érable (or Maple Spring) was a historic period of protest for the student movement that had a significant impact on Québec society. Once the strike was over, the debriefing phase lasted years and these “Reaggregational Cards” were created to boost a shared debriefing process. The cards were designed to help uplift an activist’s oppositional consciousness that flourished during the strike’s more than 600 demonstrations, actions, occupations, with the idea that they will be better prepared for the struggles ahead.