David "widge" Widgington (he/him/they) dreams of burning billboards even during waking hours. He is a self-proclaimed undisciplinary artivist, based in Tiohtiá:ke (Montréal) on traditional territory of the Kanien’kehà:ka (Mohawk). For him, art and activism are inseparable, each inspiring the other with creative fury and complicity. Widge imagines himself as an ongoing contributor to the oppositional cultural heritage that informs his artworks. Widge's process begins as a sort of archeology of dissent, when he stirs up the sediment of archived imagery, text and other protest ephemera. Collage is a recurring technique. The artist's DIY punk aesthetic contends that culture belongs to everyone and could be shared, altered and reimagined without constraints. He questions originality and intellectual property, placing cultural creation within the creative commons. History can be invigorated into new narratives by brushing off accumulating dust to bolster our oppositional cultural heritage.

Since the completion of his MA Media Studies in 2014, Widge has been sampling cultural artefacts from protest movements within his artworks. Think of the raised fist, the molotov cocktail, the slingshot or a mid-flight brick. His research-creation project examined the role of the archive: its storage of oppositional artefacts : posters, banners, stencils, video, protest signs, memes, etc. He agrees that archives are not simply memory repositories to preserve nostalgia. Memory looks backwards. They are sites of storage for oppositional cultural agency. To store is to make stock for future needs. His artworks are, in part, creative re-fabrications of dissent that take from the past by imagining action in the future. They are oppositional cultural recollections.

Widge was a founding member of videoactivist collective, Les Lucioles (2002-2007) which projected more than 400 video shorts during monthly screenings from dozens of videographers, including eight of his own. He published 20 titles as founding publisher of Cumulus Press (1998-2008) of which he co-authored four. Widge is a long-time décorateurs engagé.e.s, an ad hoc gathering of media activists who practice "engaged decorating" as a means to reclaim public space in support of social change.


2020 God's Love banner, within To the law of the letter, curated by Jamie Ross, eMakhaya Theatre, Johannesburg, South Africa.

2019 Cruise Control and God's Love banners, within "69 Positions", curated by Jamie Ross, Montréal Arts Interculturel, MTL, group artist;

2019 Le doigt de vote, Art & Anarchy, Georges-Vanier Cultural Centre, MTL, group artist;

2019 Resistance is Fertile, Rose Festival, Playwrights Workshop Montreal, MTL, group artist;

2018 Striking Memories, Oral History Association Conference, Concordia University, MTL, group artist/ co-curator;

2017 Fraternité contre la Police Politique, INSTALLATION. Art & Anarchy, Centre Culturel Georges-Vanier, MTL, group artist/ co-curator;

2016 Resistimos, INSTALLATION/PERFORMANCE, Centre Cultural Gabriela Mistral SANTIAGO, Chile, group artist;

2015 Contestation: ses traces, son inspiration et ses "luttes avenir", Cégep Gérald-Godin, MTL, solo artist/curator;

2014 Printemps CUBEcois II, IMMERSIVE INSTALLATION, with installation support provided by the FOFA Gallery, Concordia University EV Building Atrium, MTL; Solo artist/curator;

2014 Printemps CUBEcois I, IMMERSIVE INSTALLATION Presented within NYU's Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics' 9th biennial, Encuentro, Concordia University Library Atrium, MTL; Solo artist/curator.

2013 Bannières Contestataires I, II & III. Ecomusée du fier monde, MTL; co-curator, Cinéma Excentris, MTL, solo curator; Masses & Médias, La Société des arts technologiques (SAT), MTL, group curator


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